MGC 50th Anniversary 2017

A Big Thank You
It is with absolute delight Barrie and I would like to thank all those that participated in the 50th Anniversary event of the MGC 50th Anniversary last week, at Chateau-Impney..

We can now confirm a remarkable turn-out of 217 MGCs’ over the 4/5 day event. This event has surpassed all our wildest dreams and you all helped to make it happen. Three years ago when we spoke about putting this event in the history books, it was just a pipedream, but now – we can confirm MGC50 as being the largest ever gathering of MGCs’ in living history. This is a world wide accolade and I hope you are all delighted with what you helped us achieve. Without the support of you all, we would have never got this event off the ground. Thanks for believing in us and trusting us to deliver an event worthy of this amazing motor vehicle.

Barrie and I would like to thank all those that contributed to the amazing gifts we received over the MGC 50th Anniversary Event. And a very big thank you for all the kind words written in the Guest Book. A delightful surprise…!!

It will not be long before the MGC Register Committee start thinking about the 60th Anniversary, so watch this space – we will be ‘C-ing’ you all again soon.