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MG Car Club members flock to Stormy Stoneleigh! 

19th February 2020

The weather may have been grim, as the UK was battered by Storm Ciara but that did not put off hardy MG fans from attending the International MG and Triumph Spares Day at Stoneleigh in droves.

There were over 200 cars on display to keep the 7,000 attendees interested during Sunday 9th February as bargain hunters delved into the parts buckets for those all important MG bargains. 

Whilst the focus of this show has always been on the spares, it was also worth a wander through the indoor parking areas, where there a diverse collection of MGs had arrived at thew show. Given the weather conditions outdoors, it was a miracle that anyone at all had been brave enough to venture out with their pride and joy.

Thankfully, many owners did just that and the parking areas were graced with everything from a stunning MG ZT through to a rare MG express van. 

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