International Youth Week: Celebrating young MG people like, Praful Yelguntwar

13th August 2020

In celebration of International Youth Day this week, we are sharing stories each day, over the next week, from some of the young people in the MG community.

In part eleven, we meet Praful Yelguntwar. Praful is the Dept. Manager, In-plant logistic, SCM at MG Motor India, here is his story.

What does working at MG Motor India mean to you?

MG is a 96-year-old British brand and they have been a very iconic brand primarily into sports cabriolet and in convertibles, Now a part of Chinese Automaker SAIC Motor Corporation. That’s the beauty of the MG brand! So, in short, MG Motor India is the British technology, owned by SAIC and is made in India. Since the beginning, the top management has been confident with the plan to disrupt the Indian market. Moreover, when top management is confident with the plan, they carry forward the same impulse of energy to all employees.

While most of the company, primarily, focuses on achieving break-even very seldom are employee-centric. MG Motor is one of those who value its core pillar and the same can be experienced at ground level. At MG Motor India, considering the automobile industry, the safety of employees is being given the as same important as that of customer’s satisfaction. Empowering employees by providing various advance programs, which improve the skill of an individual, drives us to work even harder, and fills the individual with euphoria.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

Well, Youth is the best time to gain knowledge and the all-inclusive SPEED culture inculcated in MG Motors India provides a great platform for open communication and diverse culture, which is also one of the brand pillars. The diversity here is not only restricted to gender but it goes beyond the normal and one can find people from all backgrounds, cultures, caste, etc working harmoniously to achieve the common goal.

The freedom to put forth any idea irrespective of the position you are in and the encouragement and patience to hear them out and come to a common conclusion or solution from the senior members of the team is something very inclusive and unique. The feeling of being heard always lifts the morale and encourages everyone to Always do little more than what the internal customer expects.

Similarly, the culture provides the liberty to make a decision on any challenging task which are significant from a business point of view and when you get the liberty of taking the significant decision it becomes easy to passionately (SPEED) execute (SPEED) all task and makes us thrive to take over the more challenging task to get the best output.

How did you start your MG career?

Well, “Becoming a part of an automobile company”, has always been my top priority. After working two and half years with India’s one of the top automobile company, most of me wanted to work with something which would make me start from scratch. After having the first interaction and conversation with manages Mr. Qin Jie, I not only felt a sense of hungriness for success but also, the curiosity to teach or share the knowledge with me. Then and there I decided to join the company as it is going to add more values in or great knowledge in me.

What is one piece of advice you’d tell your younger self?

Always respect those whom you work with irrespective of their profile or their background whether they belong to supplier or 3rd party service provider. Never forget that one should not be judged by their present mistakes when the same person has made many unexpected good things in the past.