Announcing MG 40 incorporating MG Saloon Day

19th February 2022

The MG Car Club is looking forward to a year of celebration to commemorate 40 years since the dawn of the post-Abingdon era of MG badged cars. The focus of the celebrations will be MG 40, incorporating MG Saloon Day on Saturday 16th July 2022 at Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway Station, Toddington. GL54 5DT.

The event, which is a collaboration between all the registers that specialise in the post-Abingdon MGs, will celebrate 40 years of the MG Metro, 30 years of the MG RV8, 20 years of the MGTF and MG6 10+1.

Doors will open between 10am and 4pm and tickets and more information available soon via: http://www.facebook.com/groups/mg40event/

Just look at how many MG Car Club Registers are involved: