The 2018 Indaba will be hosted by the KwaZuluNatal Centre in the Drakensberg Mountains from 3 – 6th May 2018. The Website is www.mgcarclub-kzn.co.za and registration opened on 16th September 2016. I have details so your UK contact is Brian G Woodhams on 01354 741002.



You might wonder – what is the connection here? Some explanation follows –

MG South Africa and the MG Car Clubs of Southern Africa are supporting this British attempt at 1000 mph on land. The record currently stands at 763.035 mph held by RAF fighter pilot Wing Commander Andy Green OBE in Thrust SSC from 1997. This record broke the sound barrier, and Andy will once again be “piloting” the new attempt powered by a Rolls Royce EJ200 from the Typhoon aircraft. Andy is an old friend of the MG Clubs in South Africa and has attended the biannual Indabas. MG South Africa have loaned two MG6 cars painted in the striking orange and blue livery to publicise and support the event – this photo is the current cover of Thumbs Up which is the Johannesburg Centre monthly magazine. Volunteer members of the seven Centres in South Africa have been helping to make the track ready by removing 6000 tonnes of stones and rocks.

Bloodhound in this case is not a large floppy eared dog, but the name of the car!!

The Land Speed Record will take place on Hakskeenpan, which in the northern corner of the Northern Cape Province between the towns of Bokspits and Rietfontein, and close to the Namibian and Botswanan borders with South Africa.

The project is also benefitting youthful budding engineers worldwide through the Bloodhound Education Programme. There are around 5500 schools registered.

For more information visit www.bloodhoundssc.com.