Why wait until 2030? Affordable, practical, long-range electric MGs are here today!

30th November 2020

Putting our historic and classic MGs to one-side for a moment and considering the future of daily transportation, MG Motor UK are challenging us to the question: Why wait until 2030? 

MG remains the UK’s fastest-growing car brand and much of that success has come as it encourages new car buyers to look at its affordable, practical and long-range electric cars which are available today.

MG is ahead of the curve with a range of affordable EVs for everyone, reflected by the fact that last month’s largest single shipment of MGs into the UK contained a 66% EV mix, made up of the company’s best-selling MG ZS EV, All New MG5 EV and MG HS Plug-in. So MG are posing the question – why wait until 2030 to change your daily driver to electric? See what MG say below…

MG believes that 2021 will be the year in which its EV volumes will overtake petrol sales for the first time – and it believes that MG’s market presence and EV expertise will be critical in helping the government reach its ambitious CO2 targets.

MG had already predicted the evolution ahead of the government’s announcement that the ban on petrol and diesel sales will be brought forward by a decade to 2030 and is already prepared to welcome customers into showrooms and help them make informed decisions about an electrified future.

Daniel Gregorious, MG’s Head of Sales & Marketing, said: “Customer acceptance and demand for EVs has grown as battery range has gone up and cost has come down, and we are proud that MG has become the go-to brand for affordable electric cars. Our recent sales results show that MG’s commitment to making EVs affordable for everyone is resonating with the car-buying public.

“The government’s announcement will serve to accelerate that growth and we’re delighted to be in a position where we can offer high quality, high-tech, well-equipped and efficient plug-in cars at a conventional and accessible price point as we increasingly become the brand of choice for inexpensive EVs.

“We believe that 2021 will be our tipping point, where at least half of the cars we sell in the UK will be electrified.”

The brand will be engaging with its 112-strong (and growing) dealer network over the coming months to offer reassurance to customers and help them make the most informed EV choice possible.

MG currently offers three plug-in models in the UK – the established MG ZS EV, the game-changing All New MG5 EV station wagon and the MG HS Plug-in, all backed up by MG’s incredible value, 7-year warranty and fast-developing dealer network.

At the end of October 2020, MG’s registrations were up 58.2% year-on-year with a solid market share of over 1%.

To find your local dealer, or to discover the high-tech, value-for-money range of cars on offer, please visit MG.CO.UK