Old Speckled Hen at MG90

22nd May 2014

Old Speckled Hen Orginal

WE ARE very excited to announce an MG legend, the original “Owd Speck’ld ‘Un” will be joining us at Silverstone and taking pride of place in the 90 year timeline!

In 1979, the MG Factory celebrated the 50th anniversary of the MG Car Company’s move from Oxford to Abingdon. They asked Abingdon brewers Morland & Co to create a special commemorative beer for the occasion, for which they would suggest the name and would also design the label.

The name chosen was “Old Speckled Hen”, which took its name from an unusual car which the story goes was built as an experimental model in 1927. This car was called the “MG Featherlight Saloon” which featured cellulosed fabric stretched over a wooden frame, and was finished in black speckled with gold.

It became the factory’s general runabout, and as it chugged around, people would say in their Oxfordshire tones: “There gus the owd speck’ld un….”

Also taking part in the Silverstone celebrations will be Greene King’s Old Speckled Hen MGB!

So raise a glass of the strong pale ale at the After Hours party and celebrate 90 years of MG motoring!

find out more about MG90 here.