MGF Numberplate Charity Auction

6th September 2013


THE MGF REGISTER has been given a personalised MGF number plate held on a retention certificate . They would like to offer this number plate for sale by auction on their forum to raise funds for the MGF Register and MGCC’s charity for 2013, MacMillan Cancer Support.

We are very grateful to the Club Member who made this generous donation and hope that we can raise a good sum for the charity to thank him.

Rules of auction:

The auction will remain open for six weeks from today closing on Monday 9th September at 6pm.

There is a reserve price on the number plate.

The number plate will only be sold if that reserve price is met and exceeded.

All bids via a PM to TimM if you wish to remain anonymous or post your bid directly on this forum thread if not.

The PMs will be checked daily at 6pm and the figure entered on the forum on your behalf.

Registration fee of £80 to be paid by the winning bidder and is NOT included in the sale price.

Winning bidder to make the donation to the MGF Register’s Just Giving charity webpage.