MGCC Podcast – Episode 58 now available

14th June 2021

Julia Dorsett joins Wayne Scott on this week’s MG Car Club Podcast to share her fascinating story of being inspired by her Father’s passion for cars to pursue a career in model making.

That career saw her work on many TV productions and familiar adverts for big brands before starting her new venture providing her MG Magnette to events, weddings, and other special occasions.

Julia is a massive MG fan having owned an MG Metro and MGF before her stunning two-tone Magnette came into her life.

Julia is now a welcome ambassador for the classic car world encouraging other young women to enter the community and take their first steps into classic car ownership.

Plus we bring you the latest news on MG Car Club events, including the Triumph and MG Weekend and MGF25.

Do you have an interesting story to tell? Why not get in touch and we will interview you on the podcast as well!

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