MG Car Club & Zed Register launch Campaign to Save Our Zeds

14th January 2019


MG ZR, ZS and ZT cars are disappearing from our roads fast; with over 78% of the cars ever built gone.

The MG Car Club and Zed Register are hoping to reverse this trend with the launch of Save Our Zeds; a campaign to highlight the decline of Zed MGs and help equip owners with the right tools to keep enjoying and running their cars, rather than consigning them to the scrapheap.

Data taken from HowManyLeft.co.uk shows the severity of the decline;

Number (2006)
Number (Q3 2018)
Cars Lost
43,152 -84%
14,577 -72%
12,844  -67%
Z Range
70, 573 -78%

At the end of production in 2006, the total number of cars on the road was 90,191 and today that sits at 19,618; a 78% decline.  A staggering 43,152 (84%) of MG ZRs built are no longer on the road.

The MG Car Club has the Zed Register who exist to help owners to keep their cars on the road, support with technical advice and queries and be friendly faces out and about at various events during the year.

John Thompson, Chairman of the Zed Register, commented  “Today’s culture of financial incentives to scrap older cars when purchasing cars on PCP or lease deals versus the cost of repairing an older car appears to rule out repairs as a viable option.

There are many quality MG specialists & parts businesses across the UK; and the MG Car Club offer member discounts with some of these suppliers, so repair really is a good choice.

The Zed range of cars is an affordable way into MG ownership, and the growing Modern Classic scene, with good condition cars available from as little as £350. This makes a Zed car a great option for a young driver as a first car, as well as something fun.

The MG Car Club has also recent formed a Young Members Branch, who organise events and an online community to support the Younger end of our membership with everything they need.”

Adam Sloman, General Manager of The MG Car Club, added “This decline in Zed cars is something we as a Club have heard many stories about at classic car events up and down the country.

We are concerned that an important part of the MG brand’s heritage is going to be lost; and future generations are going to miss out on these much loved cars.”