Magnette Register

For over 40 years the Register has been looking after the interests of the post-war MG Magnette saloons, organizing events, and helping owners throughout the world to keep their cars on the road.

By maintaining a register of all the known cars, we help preserve their history and provenance. We also offer advice if you’re thinking of buying a Magnette, and access to the best technical and spares expertise available anywhere for owners. Contact committee members listed below, or visit www.magnette.org for news, forums, in-depth articles on restoration and modifications, and a gallery of over 1000 Magnettes worldwide.

President Celia Palmer

Chairman Paul Batho
Tel. 01235 851251 pjsbatho@btinternet.com

Secretary Clive Webb
Tel. 01905 821115 cdwebb63@gmail.com

Registrar Cynthia Harris
Tel. 01604 642662 johnharris37@btinternet.com

Events John Harris
Tel. 01604 642662 johnharris37@btinternet.com

Competitions Anthony White
Tel. 01993 778372 connect.uk.oxford@btinternet.com

Historian Peter Martin
Tel. 01580 763056 petermartin903@btinternet.com

Farina rep David Halliday
Tel. 07912 559313 daviduk8831@aol.com

Website Gunter Grasskamp
Tel. +49 271 46840 info@magnette.org

Safety Fast Stephen Tickell
Tel. 01737 760330 stephen.tickell@gmail.com
For more information on the Magnette Register, please visit their website – www.magnette.org