John Inness

25th January 2022

It is with great sadness that the MG Car Club have to report the passing of John Inness. John was a familiar face at many of the shows that the MG Car Club attended, and over the 17 years he was working for the MG Car Club John, together with his wife Jen, had become well-known throughout the MG community.

John and Jen first got involved with the MG Car Club when they purchased a blue chrome bumper MGB. This later made way for a 1970 British Racing Green MGB, which was their pride and joy. Before joining the staff at Kimber House as the Exhibition Manager on February 1 1999, John was heavily involved with the Abingdon Works Centre, even having a stint as a popular Chairman within the Centre. John was happy to embrace all models of MG, owning a Trophy Blue TF up until last year, and as soon as the Zed range of cars were announced in 2001 he placed his order for a rare British Racing Green ZS 120, which he acquired in 2002. The ZS clocked up well over 100k miles, but was kept well serviced and in excellent condition, John wouldn’t have had it any other way, until it made way for his MG6 in 2015.

When John wasn’t working at the Club or a show, helping people with their enquiries or selling MG Car Club merchandise, he would be out with Jen attending one of the many other events organised by a Centre or Register in one of his cherished MGs. John was well respected in the MG community, and one of those gentlemen who would quite happily help if you ever needed a hand; even if it meant his hands turning blue helping to change an MGF ball joint in a cold Kimber House car park during his lunch break!

John will be sorely missed by all those who knew him. The MG Car Club send their condolences to Jen and their respective families.            

John and Jen being presented with ‘The Car I’d most like to take home’ award at a 2017 Abingdon Works Show.
John and Jen head off in their MGB to enjoy the 2013 MGB Register Spring Run.