Ex MG Factory Workers reunion

8th December 2023

On December 7th, The MG Car Club held its annual Christmas gathering of ex Abingdon MG factory workers at its headquarters Kimber House, which is a stone’s throw away from the old MG factory site.

As 80 ex MG factory workers descended on Kimber House from all over the country, old friendships were renewed, and many memories were recalled as people reminisced about the days of working in the famous MG factory over a cup of coffee and some food. Vito Orlando who organised the gathering said he is amazed that each year he’s contacted by more ex-workers and was pleased to see so many old colleagues and friends attend. He said, “Its truly amazing to see so many faces from the past and was a joy to recall so many memories”.

Andy Knott the Club Manager welcomed the group and said how pleased the MG Car Club was to run this annual gathering. He said, “It is something special to see so many ex-workers gathered here, laughing and enjoying the day, as much as we enjoy the wonderful MGs that they built in Abingdon for over 50 years”.

Although the day was cold and wet the group gathered outside for a photo call, which was printed off and a copy given to each worker, along with a couple of Old Speckled Hen beers, kindly supplied by Greene King.