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Updated 22nd October, 2019


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Photo Competition

I thought we’d start early this year in giving you the titles. Let me explain the titles.

At present I am reading the Famous Five series by Enid Blyton 1942. The books are a reflection of life at the time and so politically incorrect at times because at that time none knew any better. They are a hoot but thought provoking and cause me no offence because times were different then. Life in 40s Britain.

For the photo competition I tried to look for something different from the past few years and stumbled on the MG advertisements of the 1960s to 70s. WOW. The male dominated world but then again women were the minority car drivers and owners in the 60s and often the butt of jokes. No, I didn’t hang my handbag on the choke pull in the 70s! The ads were targeted towards men only.

The choices below are all MG slogans from the company ads.

* She catches the eye from the word “go”. (Slogan from 1961)

* Your mother wouldn’t like it. (Slogan from 1973)

* You can do it in an MG. (Slogan from 1974)

* Someday you’ll settle down with a nice, sensible girl, a nice sensible house and a nice, sensible family saloon. Someday. (Slogan from 1977)

We would like entrants to interpret any or all of the above slogans. However, none of your photos will need to cause offence as we are in a new century!

Electronic copies will need to go to the Chair, Bernard Curren. Hard copies can be passed on to any committee member.

But you have plenty of time, closing date for entries 14th February 2020.

Thank You

Wendy Keeling. Committee member



We do hope you will join and continue to support us.


Cecil Kimber 1888 – 1945

A sports car should look fast, even when it is standing still