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102 days, 25000km – the Silk Road MGBs complete their journey

14th July 2017

The MG Car Club’s headquarters, Kimber House, hosted seven special MGBs on Wednesday 12th July as a group of 14 enthusiasts completed their 102-day trip from Bangkok to the spiritual home of MG – Abingdon on Thames.

Over 25,000km were covered in total, travelling through 18 different countries before arriving at the MG Car Club’s Abingdon headquarters to be greeted by Kimber House staff and local MGCC members.

The group toured through Asia and the Middle East, navigating the famous Silk Road, before heading to Europe. Each pair has blogged their incredible journey, publishing daily updates including photos and memorable stories.

Throughout the trip they met various international branches of the MG Car Club including MGCC China, MGCC Iran and MGCC Thailand. During their visit in Shanghai, the group was given a warm welcome by SAIC and MG officials whilst receiving an exclusive tour of the factory located in Lingang, providing an insight into how modern MG machinery is built.

There were hugs and tears when the group finally arrived at their destination as the emotions of completing such a long trip clearly got the better of them.

Event Organiser John Bastian said: “It’s fantastic to be here after 102 days of travelling on the most fascinating roads meeting people and exploring places we never thought we’d go to.

“Every time we stopped, people would come and look at the cars. They [the cars] may not be odd in England, but in Iran and China, they are museum pieces to these folks. So many people have touched our lives, and we believe we touched other people’s lives, too.”

The trip emphasises the power of the marque, with a common interest of MG bringing people together to share magical moments on the adventure of a lifetime.

MG Car Club General Manager Adam Sloman said: “We had a brilliant afternoon welcoming the group to Abingdon, completing an incredible journey that proudly finished at our home – Kimber House.

“What the eight couples achieved was something far greater than just a road trip. They’ll now have experiences and stories they can tell for the rest of their lives. It’s great that the MG marque can unite so many people around the world like this, and we will continue supporting this in every way possible.”

To see more information on the trip, you can visit the group’s main website where links to blogs are also available: http://mgsilkroad.mgcc.com.au/.