MG Metro, Maestro and Montego

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MG Metro

MG Metro

Launched in 1982, the MG Metro had generally good and competitive spec and performance. The limitations of the A series engine was seen as a disadvantage to the 5 speed gearboxes that most of the competitors had. In 1983 MG released a turbo version, a leader for its day, it was very capable of handling the 93 bhp of the standard engine.

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MG Maestro

MG Maestro

The Metro was followed by the Maestro (1983), it was the long-awaited five-door hatchback. It was built at the new plant at Cowley. The Maestro carried an innovative electronic instrumentation, this was the first time on a British car, an advanced electronic instrumentation system was controlled by two microprocessors. In 1989 a turbo version was released due to the growing band of 16 valve hot hatch cars.

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MG Montego

The big brother to the Maestro was the Montego introduced in 1984. Using the existing floor-pan of the Maestro, the Montego was made wider by 2″, providing more legroom for the rear seat passengers. Strictly a four door saloon, there were many special features that were only available on the MG Montego including a deeper front spoiler and a boot mounted one. In 1985 the MG Montego Turbo was announced, the fastest production MG ever made.

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Owning an MG Metro, Maestro or Montego

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