Caledonian Centre

We are the only Centre in Scotland and are the youngest MG Car Club Centre in the UK having been formed in 1992 with an emphasis on the social side of MG motoring. We now represent the whole of Scotland and have events in every month of the year catering for all types of owner with Dinners, Visits, Shows, Motor Sport Events, One Day Runs, Two Day Tours and our flagship events of Three Day and Five Day Tours.

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Chairman Paul Snee
Vice Chairman Bob MacGillivray
Secretary Nancy Crichton
Treasurer Leslie Duncan
Motor Sport UK Contact Mike Pelling
  Tommy Arnott
  Peter Jung
  Jim Greenhill 
  Gordon Thompson
Webmasters Willy Scott
  Iain Macleod

MG Car Club Caledonian Centre
Registered in England, number 962227
VAT number GB 194 7172 35