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WELCOME to the MGB Register of the MG Car Club: we were founded back in the days of flares, anti-war protests, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Maggie Thatcher (just), The Godfather films and burning bras… in other words, the late seventies!

Although many of us have settled down with a nice sensible girl (or boy), a nice sensible house and a nice sensible family saloon (as predicted by one of the original MGB adverts) the MGB still holds our hearts and the Register exists to support MGB owners worldwide and to encourage and promote the ownership and use of these brilliantly fun cars.

These aims are achieved through a dedicated team of volunteers providing everything from technical support, events, competitions, weekends away, as well as maintaining a list of surviving cars and their current owners.

Access to the MGB Register’s services comes automatically with membership of our parent club, the MG Car Club.

Visit our website to find out more and to see what you can do with your MGB!

Committee Contact Details:

Chairman & MGCC Council Representative:
Graham Dix,  Tel. 01235 201871, e-mail.

Vice Chairman & Secretary:
Neil Hyett, Tel. 01869 241180, e-mail.

Newsletter Editor & MGB Scribe:
David Broadhurst, Tel. 07866540928, e-mail.

Geoff Edwards Tel. 01425 654416, e-mail.

Register PR and Facebook:
Josephine Salmon,  Tel. 07795 382026, e-mail.

Andrew Vigor, Tel. 07909 536 614, e-mail.

eNewsletter Editor:
Chris Salmon, Tel. 02082 450695, e-mail.

Technical Advisors:
Danny Waters, Tel. 01525 712070 (Mon – Fri after 9.30pm, Sat – Sun 10am – 9pm)

MGCC Council Representative: 
John Watson, Tel. 01235 522122 or 07770 575 236, email.

Jubilee & LE Contact:
Clive Wilday, Tel. 07943 306 977, email.

Committee Member:
Roger Cooper, Tel. 01858 463417, email.

Committee Member:
Simon Radford, Tel. 07801 033 047, email.

Committee Member:
Robin Cloke, Tel. 07703011241, email.

Committee Member:
Colin Goodey, Tel. 07706 925 298, email.

Steve Lee, Tel 07941 148999, email.

Don Hayter