MGCC Speed Championship 2020 – CANCELLED

Hi All,

After much soul searching we have decided that the MGCC SPEED CHAMPIONSHIP is cancelled for 2020.

We felt that it was only fair to come to a decision and dispel any further uncertainty.

I am sure that most of you will appreciate the reasons for this decision. The number of events which might be left, (By no means certain), would not be sufficient to produce a set of results which would fairly represent the efforts of all competitors. This is due to their geographic locations and the fact that many of our competitors are in the ‘At risk’ category and may not wish to take the risk. In addition, any events which may run will have to observe such stringent restrictions that would take a large part of the enjoyment away.

We will be crediting all current competitors with there entry fees to be carried over to 2021.

Any events which do run can, of course, be entered and looked upon as good practice for next year.

You have already seen that Shelsley are intending to run on July 25th and we understand that Midlands Curborough should run on 2nd August. Please support this event if possible as it is an MGCC event of long standing.

I cannot guess how entries for the remaining events will pan out. Either they will be vastly oversubscribed or people might not wish to take the chance. Only time will tell. But if it is your intention to enter I should get your entry in ASAP

Due to the non appearances at the Awards presentation nights I am still in position of a large number of class awards. It is my intention to be at Curborough to distribute them where possible. Curborough is just down the road from me and this will be quite easy to do. If it is possible I may turn up at Shelsley for the same purpose.

I hope to see you all soon and in the meantime stay safe.