RACE BULLETIN No.1 – 14th April 2018

Silverstone National 7th April 2018 – The College Motors MGCC MG Trophy Championship


My first meeting as Championship Co-ordinator took place on the National Circuit at Silverstone, a venue the MG Trophy had not visited for four years, and then only as a non-championship event. Getting to grips with the many elements of the co-ordinator role would not have been possible for me without the ongoing support and great assistance which I have received, and thankfully continue to receive, from Pete.

I had wanted to start the season with a grid over 30, and just shortly after the closing date the entries reached a total of 35 which was really pleasing to see.

Following the decision made at the drivers meeting the Championship has separated in to Standard Power (160) and Enhanced Power (170 & 190) sections, with the overall champion coming from the Enhanced Power section. Two dropped scores will be permitted this year. Continue reading

Bulletin 1 – 3rd April


DESPITE the Trophy’s apathy towards the Silverstone National circuit two late entries from Richard’s Marsh and Buckley pushed the grid to double figures, (still somewhat less than hoped for). These two non-championship rounds, on a very nice day, produced some exciting racing, in fact a call from ‘upstairs’ congratulated me on an excellent first race saying: “you don’t need a big grid to put on a good race”… praise indeed. Continue reading