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RACE BULLETIN No. 4 – 12th July 2017

Knockhill 8/9th July 2017

A ‘best ever’ total of 27 cars made the trip to Knockhill in Scotland for rounds 7 & 8 and what a fantastic weekend we had, for me this was the best visit to the Fife circuit by far. Joining the 25 regular drivers, we had guests Iain Dowler who races his ZR in the PBIC and ex champ Chris Bray out in the ‘spare’ Dreadnought ZR170 dusting off his race gear for some fun. As ‘guests’ Iain and Chris were not taking points they were just enjoying their trip to this brilliant circuit to experience some ‘both ways’ action. We raced anti clockwise on the Saturday (reverse) and clockwise (normal) on the Sunday. A big thank you to Colin and Karen Robertson of Burnbrae Garage for sponsoring both our races here once again.

RACE BULLETIN No.3 – 21st June 2017

Silverstone – MG Live 17/18th June 2017

This was billed as #MGTrophyBigGrid and thanks to those who really helped to make this a very special event for me, you know who you are and you didn’t disappoint ! I initially set a target of 40 cars but this soon looked too easy with 45 entered at one point and a few more that would have liked to attend but couldn’t for various reasons. 50 could have been possible, maybe next year what about #MGTrophyBigGrid2018?  Considering the disaster we had at Brands to get 8 cars re-shelled in time was brilliant work by many of you, good job we had the 7 week gap ! Welcome to new drivers Rob Griffiths and Sam Johnston, and guests Andy Mollison, Danie Van Niekerk, Alastair Rushforth, Julia Penfold, Dan Surridge and Jake Fraser-Burns. (more…)

RACE BULLETIN No. 2 – 2nd May 2017

Brands Hatch29/30th April 2017

Brands Hatch has always produced some of our most exciting races on the tight Indy circuit, this year was no exception! Thirty one cars were entered but without several ‘new’ drivers able to be present, a grid maximum of 34, which would have been feasible, was down to 31, this was a bit disappointing but I always strive to get as many racing as possible.

RACE BULLETIN No. 1 – 11th April 2017

 Donington Park 9th April 2017

This was the second year in succession that we opened our season at Donington. Last year saw 27 cars entered, this year 34 with no less than 9 new drivers on the grid and 3 returnees, what a great way to start my last season as co-ordinator.No significant changes to the regs were made following the drivers meeting but just one dropped score will be permitted this year. All the cars sprouted four towing eyes in anticipation of the change to the regs in 2018. (more…)

RACE BULLETIN No. 7 – 4th October 2016

2016-10-02-10-00-51Snetterton – 1st/2nd October 2016

Twenty six cars made it for the last two rounds of the 2016 season. Once again the title went down to the wire (for the 10th year in succession) with two drivers in with a mathematical chance of taking the honours, novice Will Payne in his 160 and Lee Sullivan in his 170. Both drivers were new to the championship this year and both have had exceptional results. This meeting also saw the last two races by Chris Bray in his 190, Chris joined in 2006 and has raced every year except 2015. In those 9 years he has been in the top 3 eight times with two 3rd places, three 2nd places and the outright title three times, a truly anmazing record, we wish Chris well in his ‘retirement’, he will be missed. (more…)

RACE BULLETIN No. 6 – 7th September 2016

op16_3452Oulton Park – 3rd September 2016

The hope was that we could fill the OP grid with 34 cars, there were 32 already entered when I left for my holiday with the promise of two more to come. This unfortunately had slipped to 28 when I returned, however it’s a great total when I think back to 2006 when there were just 7 starters! Our average to date is 24.8 and that includes Mallory and Knockhill where we only had 20 cars. Once again John Woods Motorcare came up trumps and enjoyed the day so much that they have already confirmed their support for us in 2017. These rounds were filmed for later showing in our 4th ‘Motors TV’ programme. (more…)

RACE BULLETIN No. 5 – 3rd August 2016

KN16_2490Knockhill – 31st July 2016

Twenty intrepid drivers and team members made the long trip north to Knockhill for rounds 9 & 10 of this years MG Trophy Championship. Unfortunately 3 others had to drop out for various reasons, sorry guys but you missed a great weekend. Scottish Trophy stalwart Colin Robertson sponsored the event in memory of his late father Stewart Robertson our sincere thanks to Colin and wife Karen for supporting us once again. We had another anonymous donation that we get every time we go to Knockhill, thanks Bob it’s really appreciated! Missing and in our thoughts was driver Andrew ‘Doc’ Martin, who had set himself a target to be well enough to come and watch us, but sadly on the day it was not possible. (more…)

RACE BULLETIN No.4 – 6th July 2016

MP16_8150Mallory Park – 3rd July 2016

We were at Mallory Park at the end of March last year for two non championship rounds with just 8 cars on the grid, I had forecast 20 for this year with championship points up for grabs. We had 21 entries prior to the weekend, two had to drop out and a last minute entry brought the total back up to 20 so all in all not a bad total for this ‘marmite’ track. Last year we had dreadful weather, this year was the opposite with dry conditions all weekend. (more…)

RACE BULLETIN No.3 – 8th June 2016

SS16_4504Silverstone – MG Live! 4th/5th June 2016

Silverstone is the club’s major event of the year with enthusiasts coming from all over the world to bask in MG heaven. This was the MGCC’s 66th consecutive appearance at possibly the most famous GP circuit of them all. With 42 registered drivers I had hoped for entries of up to 40, however various drivers were not ready or were unable to enter for various reasons and two last minute withdrawals brought our total to 30 which was disappointing but neverthless the best of the season to date. Maybe we could better this and fill the grid at Oulton Park in September. (more…)

RACE BULLETIN No. 2 – 4th May 2016

BH_30.4.169653Brands Hatch  30th April/1st May 2016

Brands has always been a favourite, last year we maxed the grid with 32 entries, soon after MSV increased this to 34 so I was sure we could fill the grid once again. With a week to go we had 34 entries :0), everybody who wanted to race had a place, however Andrew Fraser-Burns got a quick sale secured for his 170 and Paul Savage had to withdraw with engine problems. To say I was disappointed was an understatement :0( however many championships would be happy with grids half our size. Three times Trophy champion Chris Bray was once again supporting us and the races were run as “The Finishline (UK) MG Trophy” many thanks to Chris and wife Amy who run the Finishline bodyshop in Hitchin, Herts. (more…)