May Safety Fast Newsletter 2019

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March and April always seem to be busy months and there is much to write about.  We begin back at the NEC over the weekend of 22nd -24th March for the Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show.

Returning to the show for our third year, we aimed to ‘raise the bar’ higher again this year by building on the experience gained last year.  All the preparations and behind-the -scenes work paid off and we had a very successful and enjoyable weekend.  We had all three ZED variants on display;  the club’s silver ZR 160 Express Van which contrasted with the Trophy Yellow of our campaign car.  Completing the trio was Tony Cotter’s Roush super-charged ZT 385 in Trophy Blue – many thanks Tony.

All three cars pulled in an admiring audience and certainly contributed to the overall success of the weekend.  Having all three variants of ZEDs on display was brilliant, especially Tony’s ZT V8 as it showed ‘what could have been’ had MG Rover survived longer.  The reception the ZEDs receive in their home city is fantastic and it’s great to meet people who have worked at Longbridge or who worked on the ZED production line.   Several new members joined the club with ZEDs over the weekend – welcome to you all.

The weekend also marked the official public launch of the ‘Save our ZEDs’ campaign.  We were inundated with compliments and queries about how the campaign works which was great.  Our campaign car also helped raise money for our charity of the year, The Stroke Association.  Thanks to everyone who guessed the number of balloons!

On Saturday 12th April we returned to Birmingham for the annual Pride of Longbridge gathering.   Our eyes were fixed on the weather forecast on the days prior to the event but fortunately this year it was dry and we were able to access Cofton Park.

The day dawned bright but very cold, but despite this we had an excellent day.   Walking around the park it was great to see such a mix of vehicles which were built just across the road.  Sadly, the plant is now a shadow of its former self.  With the huge number of ZEDs present we took the opportunity to promote the register and give our ‘Save our ZEDs’ campaign a really big push.   It was great to meet so many people who are enthusiastic about their ZEDs and want to keep them alive.

Towards the end of April was the second race meeting of the year, held at Brands Hatch over the weekend of the 27th/28th April.   There will be a full account of the meeting in the next update.


‘ZEDs in the West’ is now only a few weeks away but there is still time to book if you fancy an exciting day out in the west at Haynes Motor Museum.  If you are planning to attend please contact either myself or Paul Money so we can take your details and direct you into position on the day.  Paul can be contacted on paulmoneymg@gmail.com