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Racing with the MGCC MG Trophy 2021
Everything you need to know about racing in the MG Trophy Championship.

MG Trophy Registration Form 2021
The form you’ll need to use to register for the Championship.

2021 MG Trophy Championship Bulletin 01
Motorsport UK approved document to remove Silverstone National rounds.

2021 MG Trophy Championship Bulletin 02
Motorsport UK approved document to change date of Snetterton rounds.

2021 MG Trophy Championship Bulletin 03
Motorsport UK approved document to allow optional relocation of Catalytic Converter in Classes B & C.

MG Trophy Regs 2021 Published Copy issue 3
These are the Motorsport UK approved regulations for 2021, incorporating the changes detailed in Bulletin 01, Bulletin 02 and Bulletin 03.

Tyre Seal Check Sheet 2021
Use this to keep a tally on your tyre usage during the season.

Not raced before 2021 ?
A check list to help you get started.

Sticker Order Form
Use this form to order your stickers.

Sticker Positioning Guide 2021
A check of what goes where.

Technical spec CZR-0001 Towing hooks.
Towing hooks information.

Technical spec CZR-0002 Ballast.
Instructions for fitting ballast.

Technical Spec EZR-0001
Specification of alternative Connecting Rods.

Technical Spec FZR-0001
Specification of alternative External Fuel Pump.

Technical spec GZR-0001.
Instructions to upgrade a PG1 gearbox for class A (190) use.

Technical spec GZR-0002 Gearbox seals.
Which bolts to drill.

Technical Spec WZR-0001
Specification for alternative Wiring Harness.

Specification of 190 alternative engine & gearbox.

Technical spec X190-0001.
Specification of 190 exhaust system.

Technical spec CAM-0001 In car cameras.
Patrick Booth In Car Camera Guide.

Engine seals.
Which bolts to drill?

Driving Standards.
The Trophy Driving Standards (TDS).

Head skim.
Details on skimming cylinder heads.