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Bulletin 2 – 7th May

Brands Hatch 4/5th May 2014

Bulletin 2 - Brands Hatch 2014

26 ENTRIES was an excellent start to the season!

Unfortunately Doug Cole, Mike Harris and Jay Mooney had to withdraw otherwise we would have had 29 starters – I think we will have 30+ for Silverstone. Both races were sponsored by local MG dealer ‘Toomey MG’ who had MG6 and MG3 cars on display in the outer paddock under a huge inflatable canopy. In addition, our races were being filmed for Motors TV to be shown later in the year, so it would appear that better times are ahead.


Testing took place on the Friday with 4 timed sessions two each in the morning and afternoon. 8 cars were booked for the whole day with another 5 just doing the afternoon sessions. The weather was mainly dry but quite cold, a small amount of drizzle at times making things interesting. This was an open test session for those racing at the weekend but our 4 timed sessions were just for MG’s.

Testing dramas included Ross Makar who’s clutch lasted 1 lap in the first morning session however this was replaced and he was able to join the second morning session at 12:30. Race rusty David Williams rediscovered the limits at Paddock Hill bend by visiting the gravel. Andrew Ashton was on the pace in the second session, Robin Walker’s exhaust manifold sprung a leak and this was changed in time for the afternoon sessions. Jack Roberts narrowly avoided the tyre wall at Clark Curve in the first afternoon session coming off on dropped fluid. David Williams experienced over-revving problems, Chris Bray did a nice 360 at Graham Hill Bend prior to a more spectacular off at Mclaren into the tyre wall damaging the rear of the car and losing the back bumper. Repairs were carried out overnight but one side of the car was still longer than the other.

New Drivers

At this meeting there were 7 drivers new to the championship over and above the 4 that did the Silverstone National event. We welcome Jack Roberts (170), Fergus Campbell (170), Andrew Martin (170), Paul Bryson (160), Jonathan Harker (160) and Tim Martin (160). Vince Pain (170) from the MGOC was guesting.


Our qualifying commenced at 10:50, weather/track bright/dry. At 3 minutes the front runners were Fraser-Burns, Ashton, Makar, Savage, Walker, Penfold, Ferguson, Pain, Roberts and Marsh. Walker made a quick pit-stop but was soon back out, Rushforth did the same a few laps later. At 7 minutes, it was Luti, Makar, Walker, Bray, Fraser-Burns, Buckley, Rushforth, Ashton, Roberts and Marsh. The first of the 160’s was Harker in P20. Bray popped into P1 on his 8th lap which he held to the finish at 11:03. Savage had problems and pulled out on his 10th lap with a driveshaft problem bringing his qualifying to an end. Buckley called in a lap later with the starter ring gear loose and a missing bolt from the gearbox. Mysteriously Marsh suddenly improved his best by 2 seconds on lap 11, putting him into P2, knowing this was wrong, Richard approached the timekeepers who explained that they were having some timing problems so the time had to stand. Class B pole went to Bray with 54.948, Class C to Marsh with the unlikely 55.306 and Class C to Bryson on 1:02.603.

Race 1

The first of the two 15 minute Trophy races was at 15:24 with all 26 cars taking the start.

Class B:-  Chris Bray took the initial lead with Paul Luti in close contention a small gap then to Ross Makar, Jake Fraser-Burns, Richard Buckley and Robin Walker. Buckley was off at Paddock Hill Bend on lap 2 and with no starter had to be push started by the marshals, he rejoined well down the field but continued passing cars to eventually finish in 18th place. Makar got past Fraser-Burns also on lap 2 to move into P3. Walker made his move on Fraser-Burns taking P4 on lap 4. Bray and Luti continued to pull away from Makar who was distancing himself from Walker. Bray had Luti right on his tail for the remainder of the race briefly swapping places on lap 13 Bray retaking the lead at Druids. However, their dueling allowed Makar to close the gap finishing 3rd, less than a second behind Luti, Walker held onto 4th with Fraser-Burns 5th.

Class C:-  Richard Marsh took the initial lead closely followed by Vince Pain, Fergus Campbell, Alastair Rushforth and Andrew Ashton. Jack Roberts’s race was over on the first lap, losing it at Paddock Hill Bend, well and truly stuck in the gravel. Pain made his move on lap 2 to take the lead of Class C, a position he held to the flag. Campbell held onto P3 but let Ashton through on lap 5, Rushforth and Savage holding station. Rushforth moved up a place on lap 6 dropping Campbell down to 5th, Savage continued to hold P6. These positions held to the flag. Lap 9 saw the end of Chris Boulton with a visit to the gravel at Druids following a good race with Mark Bellamy.

Class D:- Jonathan Harker took the initial lead closely followed by Paul Bryson, these two diced closely until lap 10 when Harker was pushed off into the tyres at Graham Hill Bend. This left Bryson to take the win by over a lap from Ian Boulton, Tim Martin bringing up the rear.

Fastest laps  Class B was Ross Makar 55.633 on lap 14. Class C was Andrew Ashton with a 57.169 (n/r) on lap 6 and Paul Bryson, Class D, improved on his quali time recording 1:02.318 (n/r) on lap 9.  

Driver of the Race – Chris Bray.

Race 2

At the time of writing no lap charts were available from TSL so this is purely from memory and notes! Race 2 commenced at 14:19.

Class B:- In pole position was Chris Bray with Ross Makar alongside him, Bray hesitated at the start but by the end of lap 1 was leading from Paul Luti, Ross Makar, Robin Walker, Jake Fraser-Burns and Richard Buckley. Luti took the lead off Bray on lap 3, Fraser-Burns was out on lap 5 at Paddock Hill Bend. Walker had a moment spinning at Druids and Luti succumbed to a puncture on lap 8, slowing from Graham Hill Bend and pulling off at Surtees finishing his race and gifting the lead back to Bray. Buckley lost oil following a broken oil cooler pipe on his 13th lap and pulled off at Surtees, at the flag the order was Bray, Makar, and Walker.

Class C:- A closely contested race-long duel between Alastair Rushforth, Richard Marsh,Vince Pain, Andrew Ashton and Paul Savage had the commentators and the crowds full attention. Rushforth held the lead for the first 4 laps losing the lead to Marsh at Druids. Pain moved into P2 taking Rushforth on the Cooper Straight. Rushforth lost further places due to a loose wheel, eventually finishing in 19th position. Ashton worked his way up to second passing Pain at Graham Hill Bend on lap 9 but lost it on the last lap at Druids following contact from Marsh. Pain pushed hard and took Marsh on Cooper Straight on the last lap to take the win, Ashton lost time which allowed Savage through to take 3rd, Ashton finally finishing in 4th.

Class D:- Paul Bryson was unable to take his pole position, leaving three cars to compete in Class D. Jonathan Harker’s car was repaired overnight enabling him to make the start.  He enjoyed a race long duel with Ian Boulton, Boulton taking the win by just 0.58secs., Tim Martin rounded out the class.

Fastest laps  Class B was Chris Bray 55.149 on lap 5. Class C was Vince Pain with a 57.618 on lap 5 and Class D went to Jonathan Harker beating Paul Bryson’s earlier record with a 1:01.670 (n/r) on lap 6.  

Driver of the Race  – Vince Pain.