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Draft 2023 Regulations

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the proposed changes to the Speed Championship Regulations for 2023. Taking into consideration the points raised, a revised set of Regulations were presented to the North West Centre Committee this week. Pending any changes implemented by Motorsport UK for 2023, the draft Regulations were approved by the Committee.

You will recall, our aim was to simplify our Regulations and ensure our competitors were competitive outside of the MGCC Speed Championship, by adopting the three Motorsport UK Blue Book classifications of S12 Road Cars, S13 Modified Cars and S14 Sports Libre.

However, one of the biggest issues raised during the consultation was the loss of the old Group 2, which provided a stepping stone between the ‘standard’ cars of Group 1 and the heavily modified cars in Group 3. As a result, we have taken S12 and create two groups – a restricted version of S12 for more ‘standard’ cars (Group 1) and an almost verbatim version of S12 allowing more modification (Group 2). Note both Groups will be restricted to List 1A tyres so the old Group 1 and 2 Target Times can be used.

We have also updated the engine capacity splits, reducing it to a single ‘cc’ split at 1500cc. This broadly give a 50/50 division in each Group between the smaller and larger engine cars.

Finally, we know tyre technology changes over time, as do the rules and regulations. As a result, we have decided to ‘life’ model records and therefore Target Times. From next year, any record over ten years old will be deleted, along with its corresponding Target Time.

If you have any questions or further feedback, please get in touch.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the draft Regulations for 2023.