SVW Register

THE SVW Register of the MG Car Club was established for the SA, VA and WA type MGs.

These cars are collectively known as “SVW” and the models date from early 1936 to late 1939. Since the register was established in the mid-1960s, a detailed database of information, ownership and history has been maintained.This is the most reliable and complete database of SVW cars in existence today, and of their owners.

The SVW Register also maintains a Spares Directory and can normally locate a source of the hard to obtain replacement spare parts (new or second-hand).

At present there are some 550 cars known to us, of which about 250 are owned by MG Car Club members. Owners of the other 300 are encouraged to join the MG Car Club to receive the full benefits the Register offers, and indeed, so as to add their support to the Register’s efforts.

The SVW Register website can be found here – www.svwregister.co.uk

Committee Contact Details:

Email any questions or comments to info@svwregister.co.uk
Register email contact-Gary Perry

Chairman – Jim Andrews (tel:01162 362583)

Secretary – David Smyth (tel:01689 825166)

Treasurer – Jeff Gibson (tel:01494 890126)

Registrar – Gary Perry

SVW Review Editor, Safety Fast! Scribe & Webmaster – John Dutton (tel:01959 522548)

Spares Secretary – Keith Bush (tel:01323 738012)

Librarian – Mike Greasby (tel:01296 623173)

Member without portfolio – Simon Turner

SVW Register advisors

Historians (SA) – Gary Perry

Historian (VA) – Bas de Voogd

Historian (WA) – Gary Perry