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Peter Best Insurance MG Cup


THE Peter Best Insurance MG Cup is proud to be the biggest race series to encompass all MG models with the MGCC.

It is the only series that caters for all MGs ranging from T-Types through Midgets, MGBs, MGCs, MG Metros, MG Maestros, MG Montegos, MGFs, MGTFs, MGZRs, MGZSs to MGZTs.

That’s one of the main reasons our title sponsor Peter Best Insurance is involved with the only series that truly supports the MG brand.What better place to take centre stage with the biggest grids, the cleanest in the MGCC. There are classes for race modified, modified and road going cars.

It is truly the only one make club championship, offering high quality close racing with options for equally competitive front wheel drive or rear wheel drive cars.With a simple class structure for standard, modified and full race cars and clear regulations designed to keep costs to a minimum, the series is suitable for both novice and experienced drivers.

You will not find a series with a more helpful bunch of competitors who really do add to the race weekend experience. We are friendly and helpful while very competitive on track, but with a keen eye on driving standards we have grown to be the biggest series with in the MGCC.

Full details can be found on the championship website HERE

If you’re thinking of starting in Motorsport next season the MGCC MG Cup can make it easy for you.