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World Cup Rally 50th Anniversary 19th April

WCR50 celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Daily Mirror London-Mexico City World Cup Rally. This was the longest and most ambitious event of its kind to date. The World Cup Rally left Wembley Stadium on 19th April 1970 for the 16179 mile, 6-week trip to the Aztec Stadium in Mexico City .
Nearly 100 cars, with a wide variety of works teams and private entries from all round the world flagged away by Sir Alf Ramsay, would first follow a demanding route of road sections and special stages from London to Lisbon. Only 71 cars would embark on the sea passage to South America and then rejoin the battle from Rio de Janeiro on the very hard and challenging route to Mexico City.

For further details of the anniversary event being held at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon see here