Race Schedule

Racing on Silverstone’s historic Grand Prix circuit

The race schedule will allow you to plan your day around everything going on at MGLive! 2018.


The timetable for this action-packed weekend can be found HERE

We are excited to once again be racing on Silverstone’s historic Grand Prix circuit for MGLive! 2018.

Once again, MGLive! will feature a packed programme of motorsport, with MGs of all ages battling it out on Silverstone’s GP Circuit across the weekend!

Our Club Championships and Series are out in full force:

• The BCV8 Championship; our premier series for MGB and MGC racing, offering classes for the fully modified V8s to road going cars.

• The MG Trophy Championship; one of UK’s best and most enjoyable single make club championships, offering high-quality close racing for the front wheel drive MG ZR in three classes. This year its rounds at MGLive! are sponsored by Millers Oils.

• The Lackford Engineering Midget & Sprite Challenge; a national race series for MG Midgets and Austin Healey Sprites (built 1956-1979).

• The Cockshoot Cup; a racing championship run by the North West Centre of the MG Car Club. It provides an opportunity for owners of Midget, MGB, MGF, ZR and ZS models to all mix together in one championship, predominantly at circuits in the North West.

• The Peter Best Insurance MG Cup; the biggest race series to encompass all MG models and select Rover models with the MGCC. It is the only series that caters for all MGs ranging from T-Types right through to MG ZTs, including Midgets, MGBs, MGCs, MG Metros, MG Maestros, MG Montegos, MGFs, MGTFs, MGZRs and MGZSs. In 2017 the Rover Tomcat race cars were also included, so the Cup truly celebrates all MG Rover production cars.

Iconic 50s; a race series for pre-1962 sports cars and sports racing cars. In this series you’ll see everything from MGAs and T-Types, to Austin Healeys and Jaguars.

Alongside our Club championships we have a number of guests joining us. Equipe GTS will be back, celebrating pre-’66 historic motorsport. In addition to MGs, you’ll also see a variety of contemporary rivals in action including Daimler, Elva, Lotus and Triumph race cars. This also marks the first appearance for the new Equipe Pre ’63 series, which caters for FiA period E cars built to appendix K specification and running on Dunlop Historic ‘L’ section tyres. Joining MGs on the entry list will be a wide range of marques from Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin to Porsche and TVR.

The Petro Canada Lubricants Porsche Club Championship with Pirelli is once again returning to MGLive! but this year, they’re bringing something a little different with them – the Porsche Classic Restoracing Competition. This new series has been created to bring the nationwide Porsche sales and service community together. Each participating Porsche centre must source and restore a 20-year old 986 Boxster S to MSA racing regulations and field a member of its own staff to drive it. The cars will all be finished in the legendary liveries of past racing Porsches, and pre-race points will be awarded on the basis of the initial restoration and subsequent maintenance. These Boxsters will all be running road-legal rubber and standard factory suspension as they do battle with each other and a field full of faster, grippier 911s.

For the first time, we’ll also welcome the Sports 2000 Championship to MGLive! Sports 2000 is one of the fastest UK single sports car series and is bound to provide thrilling race action.

We are also pleased to announce a one-off celebration race for the 20th anniversary of the MGF Cup. Supported by the MGF Register, this special race will feature all competition MGFs and MG TFs. It will be split into two classes: Class A will be for cars in the spirit of the MGCC Abingdon Trophy, running on road tyres, while Class B will be for cars in the spirit of the MGF Cup, using slick racing tyres. The aim is a grid of around 30 cars. Entries have just opened so we’ll be keeping a close eye on the entry list in what is shaping up to be an exciting race!

The timetable for this action-packed weekend can be found HERE