California Cup Autotest

The MG Car Club's premier autotest!

Whether you're taking part, or just spectating, you won't want to miss this fantastic live action event!

The MGLive! California Cup Autotest makes a very welcome return to the heart of the event, and is once again being jointly organised by our Tyne Tees Centre and the Hartlepool Motor Club. It will take place in two sessions on Saturday 2nd June, and is completely free to enter! Half of the entrants will compete in the morning session and the other half will compete in the afternoon session.

The regulations and entry form can be downloaded HERE.  

You can keep up to date with the latest news on the MGLive! 2018 California Cup Autotest by visiting the Facebook page – www.facebook.com/MGLive2018calicup

The California Cup Autotest is run under permit so the rules and regulations must be strictly applied. But you don’t need a specialised vehicle to compete – in fact, all vehicles must be road-going and drivers may be required to present their MOT certificates at scrutineering. The Chief Scrutineer and his team will also check Club Membership Cards, correct operation of throttle closing springs and general roadworthiness.

The California Cup Autotests comprise a series of tests laid out on tarmac, run concurrently to avoid waiting time. The organising team are familiar with the quirks of the MG breed – so the tests are designed to provide a challenge to the modified Midgets while at the same time providing plenty of fun for the more sedate vehicles… if you end up doing a three-point-turn, even in your 18/80, then you’ve probably done something wrong!

The California Cup is awarded to the fastest team of three MGs representing their geographical Centre. Entries do not have to be ‘official’, just find two friends from your Centre and make up a team! Some Centres take the event very seriously and formally select their teams!

The Register Trophy is contested by teams from the Vintage, MMM, T-Type, SVW and Y-Type Registers. Again, entries do not have to be ‘official’ – just join up with a couple of old friends and enter. Moreover, you’ll get a bonus entry to Centre competition if all three members of your Register team are from the same Centre too.

The BMC Trophy shall be contested by teams of three drivers from the Magnette, MGA (including the Twin Cam Group), MGB, MGC, Midget and V8 Registers entered in the name of the Register and driving MG cars from those Registers.

The Longbridge Trophy shall be contested by teams of three drivers from the FWD, MGF, ZR/ZS/ZT and 6,3,5 Registers entered in the name of the Register and driving MG cars from those Registers.

Cars entered for the Team Trophies do not necessarily need to be on the official Registers lists to enter, though as MGCC members, most cars obviously will be.


To find out more information about this year’s California Cup Autotest, please feel free to contact the organiser, Noel Lindford. Noel can be reached by email – calicup2018@gmail.com – or by phone on 0191 587 0753 or 07432 152095.

As always, offers of marshals will be gratefully received – please contact mgcc@mgcc.co.uk if you can help.

The regulations and entry form can be downloaded HERE.  


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