Get involved at MGLive! 2018

Vicky Ball, wife of MG Car Club Director William Ball, started volunteering at MGLive! a few years ago. Below she explains how she got involved. Volunteers make a huge difference to MGLive! – without them, we wouldn’t be able to put the event on.

For several years, I would wave my husband goodbye as he headed off for Silverstone, usually with a car full of camping equipment, to go to MGLive!

It held no appeal for me, but after a while and with the promise of hotel accommodation (albeit budget) I did eventually take the plunge. Having spent a weekend with William at MGLive! I thought I’d done all I could (or wanted to). However, time went by and when the next year came along I wanted to go again, intrigued by new events and stands being advertised, but I felt a whole weekend was perhaps too much.

To my delight, I found I could volunteer and ‘do something’. This suited me perfectly, as William’s role during these weekends meant he had a variety of jobs to do, so at times I would be on my own. As a volunteer I could be of help, meet people and have a look round the many stands, events and, of course, cars.

My volunteer role has been the same each year since – I help on the MGCC stand. My first year I handed out programmes and chatted to people as they waited to speak to the Kimber House team. People want to meet the person they speak to on the phone or they might be signing up as new, or re-joining, members and, of course, they sometimes have questions. The next year I began signing people up too and was hooked on my new ‘role’. The Kimber House team are wonderful and it’s a privilege to help them. They work so hard and rarely have a lunch break, but at least having volunteers around means they can have 10 minutes’ rest occasionally

I have been so impressed with what I see – the work I don’t see in the months running up to MG Live! and the work I see during the weekend. There’s so many things to organise and bring the multitude of events together – racing, the Lifestyle tent (my favourite), the traders, refreshment and food tents, entertainment in the Arena, Concours and Pride of Ownership, circuit tours, Register parking and, of course, camping. I may have missed something out in my list as I don’t know all the things that happen, but to see it all come together is amazing. Anyone who has organised a family meal out will know it’s not easy getting everything to come together on the day. MGLive! is just another world in organising.

As well as the MGCC stand, all the Registers and Centres have stands and are manned by a whole host of volunteers, some really entering the theme of the weekend by dressing up and certainly everyone by giving their time and enthusiasm.

So if, like me, you don’t think you could manage a whole weekend, why not find out what opportunities there might be for volunteering and ‘do something’. You’ll find the weekend takes on a new meaning and becomes really very enjoyable.

Each volunteer that commits to a day of volunteering at MGLive! gets a weekend ticket absolutely free, with half a day’s work getting a day ticket. The satisfaction of helping put on the largest MG event in the world is a unique feeling, and if you think you’re able to help the team, however small or large, please contact Adam Sloman ( and Lauran Gallacher ( at Kimber House.