Notice of a General Meeting

Information on this page is being hosted on the web site of the V8 Register and is published here with the support of the MGA Register.

Click on this link to read the notice https://www.v8register.net/meeting/files/210311-general-meeting-call-notice.pdf

If you wish to attend the online meeting which is open to all MGCC members you will need to register before 14th April by following this link https://www.v8register.net/meeting/210417-general-meeting-registration-form.php

To find out why this meeting has been called please read https://www.v8register.net/meeting/files/210401-update-report-to-council-members-v4.pdf

If you wish to make a statement or ask a question you must do so before noon on 7th April using the “Council Guest” option.