“MG Live” at Silverstone 13 and 14 June

Latest news:  This event has been postponed. Check here for further information.

MGA Maintenance Session

MGA Register is planning a new feature for this year’s event, a series Tech Sessions on one or both days.   These will be about one hour long, hosted by members of the committee . Join us as we pass on knowledge and experience of running and maintaining an MGA in good order.

Would you like to know how to look after your precious MGA and have a basic knowledge of what makes it go, and what to look for when it won’t ?  If so please put these dates in your diary.  To get the most out of the sessions it will help if we know what you would like covered.

The sessions will only take place if there is sufficient demand so please contact:

Ian Wilson at ian@mulberryhouse.karoo.co.uk

and let us know what you would like us to cover and which day you will be attending.