MGA Register virtual AGM

Notice Notice is hereby given that

1) The Twin Cam Group Annual General Meeting will be held at 11.00 hrs GMT on 14th November 2020; and

2) The MGA Register Annual General Meeting will be held at 10.00hrs GMT on 21st November 2020.

The MGA Register Annual General Meeting will be followed by a virtual meeting of the MGA Register Committee for which any one participating in the virtual AGM is welcome to remain. The above, separate, meetings will be held virtually via Zoom on the dates and times given above, as permitted by the revised (Covid) MGCC rules. MGCC Members who are also members of the MGA Register or Twin Cam Group respectively, who wish to join the appropriate meeting, will need a Zoom ‘invitation’ and this can be obtained by emailing, as well as providing your MGCC membership number, the contacts as given below.

An Agenda will be attached to the Zoom invitation. A Zoom ‘invitation’ will then be sent to you by e-mail, prior to the meeting, and this will provide you with (i) a link to join the Zoom meeting and (ii) with the Zoom meeting identity and passcode you will need to enter to join the Zoom meeting. Alternatively if you ‘accept’ the invitation and thereby add it to the calendar associated with your e-mail account you will simply have to click on the link in the calendar at the appropriate time to join the meeting. You do not need a Zoom account to participate in the virtual AGM. For the technically less assured who are anxious about their ability to master the Zoom technology numerous helpful guides are available on the internet both at the Zoom site and on YouTube.

For the Twin Cam Group Meeting, please contact Dave Pearce at d.pearce@nemco.co.uk before Thursday 12th November 2020.

For the MGA Register Meetings, please contact Ian Wilson at ian@mulberryhouse.karoo.co.uk before Thursday 19th November 2020.