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MGA Day 2018 on videos

MGA Day was held at Canons Ashby, a 16th Century Manor House in Northamptonshire about 10miles North East of Silverstone.  The Register had reserved a large private parking area next to the House which would take about 100 cars.  As the long hot summer of 2018 came to an end and with heavy rain forecast for several days beforehand, it was no surprise that the turn out was just 27 cars.  Only one of these was a Twin cam which was a disappointment in this their 60th anniversary year.

Click here to watch a video produced by Jonny Pollard, our event organiser.

Colyn Firth also sent his selection of photos and comments

Follow this link to see Jonny’s still pictures


Car of the day was awarded to Daran Scarlett of Buckinghamshire, joined by his charming and enthusiastic son Charlie, for his wonderful OEW 1500 roadster KAS 893.  The Danny Byrne Trophy was presented by Peter Morgan.