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Back Issues of “Safety Fast!” for sale

MGA Register Archive has Back issues of “Safety Fast!” for sale

Dates available

1966 March  sold

1966 July  sold

1966 August  sold

1966 September  Some pages removed

1966 October

1967 July sold

1967 August  Damaged cover sold

1967 September

1967 October

1967 November

1968 March

1968 April Sold

1968 May

1968 June    Contains the article “MGA To The Arctic”

1968 September

1968 October

1968 November



2007 February

2007 March Sold

2007 April

2007 May

2007 August Sold

2007 September Sold

2007 October Sold

2007 November

2007 December sold


Prices and Ordering

All copies from 1966 to 1968 £4.00

[Except September 1966 and August 1967 which are reduced to £2.00]

All copies from 2007 £2.00

Postage to a UK address £1.50 for up to 2 magazines in one envelope.

Postage rates to other countries will be notified at the time of ordering.


To order: send an email to mgaregistershop@outlook.com stating the magazines you want and your name and address for delivery.

We will send you a PayPal invoice which you can pay by credit or debit card at no extra cost.

Please say in your email if you wish to pay by cheque.