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MGCC Sweden MG Centenary Exhibition at the Car and Technology Museum, Glasgatan 9, Köping

MGCC Sweden have had an MG100 Exhibition at the Car and Technology Museum in Köping since 6th May and it continues until 31st October 2023.

MG Car Club Sweden are celebrating the Centenary by having an MG car exhibition at the Car & Technology Museum, Glasgatan 19A in the town of Köping. The Museum invited the club to jointly organise an exhibition of MG cars from different eras with a special emphasis on cars with a Swedish competitive history. There are also interesting club documents and regalia from the early days of MG Car Club Sweden.

The Museum opens every Tuesday to Sunday at 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm and more information can be had from the MG100 Event entry. Below are a few photos from the exhibition.