Devon & Cornwall Centre


Event Outlines

Touring Assembly
A road run for a large group of vehicles visiting various places of interest on a set route. This must be covered by a permit issued by Motorsport UK.

Social Runs
A road or social run is actually a road run or scenic drive between a start and a finish point, purely for the fun of it. Sometimes lunch or tea stops are involved , and such a run is a good excuse to enjoy your MG or other marque in the company of like minded people.

Navigational Scatter
Naviscat for short is quite like a social run except that you are given a series of map references (way points) and have to plot your own route on to a map. A friendly navigator/ passenger to help you picking up clues on the way is a must, or the whole family!

This is a number of tests usually in a flat, grass field where driving around markers and carrying out certain tasks at the same time. A passenger with a calm disposition and possibly nerves of steel will be an advantage (no previous experience necessary).

Production Car Trial
Usually takes place in the winter and in a grassy steep field. The objective is to drive as far up as possible , a number of marked courses (sections) One passenger (Bouncer !) at least is required –more seats –more passengers! 4WD vehicles are excluded.

Classic Trial
Much the same as a production car trial except that the trial uses public highway to link sections so valid MOT and insurance etc. are required.

Concours d’ Elegance
An event for show or very original vehicles, judged in classes usually at a scenic venue. Bring your own polish!

Weekend Event
Usually a combination of concours, gymkhana, social run and eating and drinking! Meant to be a relaxed family experience.

An individual timed run on tarmac. Times are compared with vehicles in a similar class. Timed to a hundredth of a second, full race protection and competition licence will be required.

Speed Hill Climb
Similar to a sprint but up a steep winding metalled course, again requiring full protection and competition licence.