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At MGLive! the Smartdriverclub Live Arena is great fun. I had a fantastic time in 2016 with my good mate and new on-screen partner Ant Anstead and my dear friend Russ Swift. I can’t wait for more of the same this year!

Mike Brewer

Series stalwart Mike Brewer will be joined by the show’s latest recruit Ant Anstead, recently announced as Mike’s new partner for the upcoming series.

Alongside some exciting stunt displays, the pair will be taking part in various games and challenges which will see them get the audience involved in more ways than ever before!

The Human Gymkhana will get members of the audience to compete in a timed activity course with car-related tasks. Massive prizes are up for grabs in the Mac Tools Challenge, awarded those that can change a tyre in the quickest time.

For 2017, Mike and Ant will be adding a new game that will see them face off against one another in the Wheeler Dealers Pedal Kart Rally!

To celebrate their attendance at the world’s biggest MG event, we’ve got an exclusive Q&A with them both!

Mike Brewer:

What’s your earliest MG memory?

I remember going in an MG Magnette when I was no more than five years old. I think we were going visiting, I can’t remember who, but I can remember how the car smelt. The leather and the wood, a proper car smell, one of those memory smells that never leaves you. I didn’t drive an MG until I was 18, when I first started buying and selling cars and in particular MGBs.

If you could restore one MG model, which would it be and why?

I’d love to restore a pre-war MG, maybe a T Type. There’s no emotional attachment, my grandad didn’t have one or anything. It’s just a car I would love to restore for no other reason than I just want to do it.

What’s the best bit of MGLive!?

As ever with a live event, the best bit is the people, like-minded enthusiasts who share the same passion for cars. At MGLive! the live arena is also great fun. I had a fantastic time in 2016 with my good mate and new on-screen partner, Ant Anstead, and my dear friend Russ Swift. I can’t wait for more of the same this year.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to buy an MG?

Whatever model you are interested in, buy the best example you can afford. Don’t go for the cheaper option as it’s bound to bite you in the end. At present, MGAs are a great investment. With rising values, MGAs are desirable, so if you can find the best rust-free example you can, it can be a real earner. Look overseas as many are in the USA’s dry states. I found my 1959 MGA in California and paid just $5,000 for it. Hold out your hand!

What’s your greatest motoring achievement?

My greatest motoring achievement has to be Wheeler Dealers. Not only hosting the show for what will soon be 14 seasons, but also bringing car restoration to the TV screens. We’ve saved 135 cars so far and we’ve still got plenty more to put back on the road, where they belong.

Ant Anstead:

What’s your earliest MG memory?

As a very young kid, I was always drawn to classic cars. I used to go to a local classic car meet once a month at a local pub. My parents never knew I went. There was a light blue Midget there every meet. I fell in love straight away. My first ever car I bought was a Vermillion orange Midget called Bridget!

If you could restore one MG model, which would it be and why?

I’ve restored loads of MGs so it would have to be one I haven’t yet tackled, maybe an MGC GT with Sebring body. I’ve owned loads of BGTs but a “C” GT! Woof! Extra power and styling!

What’s the best bit of MGLive!?

Lots of car shows are starting to feel stale, whereas MGLive! still retains a family feel. It’s a proper car show for proper car lovers and yet is so much more. It’s a gathering of friends and family.

You’ve recently started racing. What’s it like driving the Silverstone GP circuit?

I was privileged to race the Lotus Elise from Channel 4’s For the Love of Cars special in the Tourist Trophy at Silverstone. Wow! I loved it. There is something humbling about taking a classic car (that won the TT in 1953) around the home of British motorsport! It gave me goosebumps. As a track, it’s fantastic: fast but with plenty of space to come off (which I need as I’m not the best of drivers!).

What’s your greatest motoring achievement?

So hard to answer. I think building so many cars from scratch. I’ve restored a lot of cars, but I get a real buzz starting from nothing. A blank sheet. Welding my own chassis and making my own bodies. Every car is bespoke. And the log books have my name on, in the same way a log book would say Morgan, Aston Martin or Ford. My cars are a bit of me. And there’s loads all over the world being driven today. Not many people produce their own cars, and in years to come I hope to bump into those I made and say: “I made that, look at the log book”. My first-ever scratch-built car actually has my initials and date of birth as part of the chassis number. That lasts forever.


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