Masters Pre-66 Touring Cars

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A Father's Day treat!

Watch BMW 2002s, Alfa Romeos, Lotus Cortinas, Ford Falcons, Mustangs and Mini Coopers battle it out!

The Masters Pre-66 Touring Cars will be racing at Silverstone on June 18th at MGLive! 2017.

Broken down into several classes, visitors will get the chance to see BMW 2002s, Alfa Romeos, Lotus Cortinas, Ford Falcons and Mustangs battling it out against the ever competitive Mini Coopers.

All of the Club’s seven championships will also be in attendance with some iconic MGs on show. MGBs, MG T Types and more modern MGFs and MG ZRs are just a few of the cars that spectators can expect to see across the weekend.

MGLive! is just one of six venues the Masters will be attending in 2017, racing across Europe at destinations such as the Espiritu de Montjuic in Spain, Spa in Belgium and Zandvoort in Holland.

For more information on the Masters you can visit their website by going to

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