Headway Oxfordshire

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Our named charity again for MGLive!

Supporting people affected by acquired brain injuries across Oxfordshire.

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Headway Oxfordshire is a local charity based close to Abingdon who offer support to people in the county that suffer from brain injuries. At MGLive!, the Club will be raising money for Headway Oxfordshire through programme sales and fundraising.

Since 1982, Headway Oxfordshire has helped hundreds of patients through various avenues of care, ranging from physical and mental therapy to vocational support and training.

The link between the MG Car Club and Headway Oxfordshire stretches much further than the short distance they are from one another. Motorsport has been in the Club’s history since its existence, and with that comes head safety – something both parties feel strongly about.

Headway Oxfordshire was born of the efforts of a small group of individuals who came together to share their experiences of caring for loved ones with brain injury and providing mutual peer support. This group grew into what is now Headway Oxfordshire and supports many hundreds of those affected by brain injury across Oxfordshire every year.


They strive to provide support services to those affected by brain injury (including stroke and some other neurological conditions) across the county of Oxfordshire, and advocate on behalf of those affected by brain injury in relation to local and national strategic initiatives.They also provide information on brain injury to those interested parties, and promote awareness to the general community at large.

Headway Oxfordshire appeared at MGLive! last year, showcasing the link between themselves and the Club through the ‘Safety Fast!’ slogan whilst also having a special MGB Safety Car SSV1 within their marquee.

At MGLive! in 2017, Headway Oxfordshire will once again be our named charity at the biggest MG event in the World, and they will be demonstrating how important head safety is in a number of new and exciting ways.

For more information on Headway Oxfordshire, visit their website by clicking HERE.

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