Russ Swift

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By popular demand, Russ Swift is back!

Don’t try this at home!

Russ Swift’s prodigious talents behind the wheel assume centre stage at MGLive! 2017.

The Arena will host Russ Swifts Precision Driving team’s show on the Saturday and Sunday, where Russ will be demonstrating how not to drive your own car.

With the health warning of ‘Don’t try this at home’, he takes you through the full repertoire of driving on two wheels, handbrake and parallel parking, reverse spin and his now famous dance routine.

Handbrake Parking – Spin from forward to reverse. Ending up parked in reverse between 2 cars parked side by side without using reverse gear.

Parallel Parking – Handbrake turn into a gap between 2 cars parked one behind the other. As seen on TV commercials and Record Breakers. Russ currently holds the world Record for this manoeuvre.

Dance Routine – A sequence of exciting spins and throws joined together and performed to music around 2 cars and the ramp.

Two Wheeling – Balancing the car on its driver’s side wheels. Includes slalom around and driving between cars.

MGLive! Weekender £28

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Free entry for children aged 15 and under


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