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MGF Annual Awards 2013

Our awards dinner was held on Saturday 22nd March, 2014 in Abingdon.
The Four Pillars did us proud for the food, Julian White’s introduction to the Chinese and MG was eye opening, Tim’s quiz definitely broke the ice on each of the tables, ………

DSC_0339The Abingdon LE Table winning the mighty quiz and displaying their rabbits!

……….. and at last the award winners for 2013 were announced. A list of award winners is below and more details will be supplied in Safety Fast or FasTForward.

The winners for 2013 are

Photographic competition: Simon Davies

FasTForward Trophy for the best article in FTF: Rob Bell

Brian Griffin Sports Trophy: Colin Beckwith

ICHBABDA Trophy: Stuart Blease

MGF/TF of the year: Dave Kerley

Special Awards: Adrian Clifford & Dave Tynan

Special Awards: Simon & Julie Davies

Special Awards: Martin Smith

Martin Smith receiving his Special Award
Martin Smith receiving his special award from S&D Regions Neil Collins

Priests Trophy for a Significant contribution to the MGF Register: Nigel & Jo May

Nigel & Jo May – winners of the Priests Trophy for Significant contribution to the MGF Register

Tanswell Trophy for the Member of the year: Neil & Barbara Rushton

Members of the Year – Neil & Barbara Rushton

The awards were presented to the winners who were there by Julian White, General Manager of the MG Car Club.