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Silverstone National 7th April 2018

The race report, points and lap records have been updated after round one.

Championship Mugs

Now available to order at £7.60 each. Please send number requested to Paul Goodman


Fire Extinguishers

Please note. The date shown in Section K P164 is not correct. It should be 1st January 2018. This means that any extinguishers not serviced in the last 24 months must be serviced before your first race this year.

Regulations 2018

The Technical Regulations for 2018 are now published.

Registration Form 2018

The 2018 Registration Form is now available.

2018 Race Calendar

The 2018 Race Calendar is now on the calendar page.

Dinner Dance and Awards Presentation November 25th

Tickets are now available for the Dinner Dance and Awards Presentation to be held at the Deanwater Hotel, Woodford, Cheshire on November 25th. Priced at £37 they are available from David Rainsbury, Room bookings should be made directly with the hotel mentioning our event.

Rounds Eight and Nine Croft

The race report from Croft is now posted along with the final championship scores.

Round Seven Oulton Park September 2nd

The race report and updated scores after round seven at Oulton Park have been added.

Rounds Five and Six Anglesey

The Championship scores after the Anglesey weekend have been posted along with the race reports.